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Dec 10, 2017 Buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969,

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Dec 10, 2017 Buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969,

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Tasks (what will be expected of you) 1930s migrant farm workers pick cotton in California . As a member of the California Governor’s task group to prevent poverty affecting farmers, you will use the 6-step approach of the public policy analyst (PPA), as they are listed below. To better understand what it means to be a public policy analyst, click on buy research papers online mrtp, the “Simple Tour” and then click either the box “Graphics Version” for birth order, a beginning tour or “Standard Version” for a more advanced tour. You will then find policies that will help to eliminate the conditions of poverty as they affect farmers such as those characters in Of Mice and Men . You will be expected to complete the following tasks, which are each worth a certain number of points adding up to your final grade. Task 1: Read the assigned literature, including John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and buy research papers online cheap mrtp, Men . Then analyze the way poverty affects the novel’s characters and, in general, California farmers during the thesis on education in pakistan pdf 1930s Great Depression. In addition to analyzing the text, you will answer the “Research Questions” and read through the websites listed below, as you work through the buy research online mrtp act 1969 6-step approach of the public policy analyst (PPA ) – 100 points. Task 2: You will be tested on the assigned reading, at least 3 times over the course of order essay this project. That will show me whether you are actually reading – WARNING: if you do not read, then you will NOT PASS this class – 200 points. Task 3: Follow the 6-step approach of the PPA in online mrtp act 1969 the next section and then complete the worksheets below, one for each of the six steps – 25 points each = 150 points. Task 4: Using the information from your worksheets and your answers to the “Research Questions” below, you will create 7 poster boards as described in the “Process” section below – 25 points each = 175 points.

Task 5: Again, you will use the information from the worksheets, web sites and “Research Questions” to write a 3- to 5-page research paper – 200 points. Task 6: Finally, using your group’s poster boards, you will have to do a 3- to 5-minute oral presentation, on which you will be graded for BOTH your TEAM (100 points) and INDIVIDUAL (100 points) effort – 200 points. Process (how you will complete your tasks) To complete your task, assuming you role as a new member of the California Governor’s task force to eliminate poverty affecting California farm workers during the my essay hot flat paper 1930s, you will work as a member of online mrtp act 1969 a group of four students. These are the best writing services steps you have to follow to buy research papers cheap mrtp, complete your web quest.

You will find out as much information as you can about poverty affecting California farm workers. As you follow the 6-step approach of the PPA and write my essay paper, complete the worksheets below, you will do the following: Answer the buy research papers online act 1969 “Research questions” below by: Reading John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men And by exploring the web pages below. Using the information from essay development, a, b, c above, and papers online mrtp act 1969, from your completed worksheets, you will, as a group, creatively design 6 poster boards, each of which will be designed to advertise one of the on education 6-steps of the PPA approach – for example, on buy research mrtp act 1969, your second poster board, about step 2, which is to “gather evidence of the social problem,” you might want to draw cartoons, cut and paste magazine pictures, color backgrounds, and, on a corner, write a paragraph about it. In addition to the poster boards, you will write your own research paper, in which you outline each of the cheap write my essay employee legal benefits 6-steps of the PPA approach in paragraph format – for example, your first body paragraph will be on the first step of the cheap mrtp act 1969 PPA approach, which is to “define the social problem.” Finally, your group will use the poster boards to do a 3- to best 7th, 5-minute oral presentation on each of the 6-steps of the buy research cheap PPA. The 6-step public policy approach (how you will begin) Please begin by closely following the 6-step approach of the public policy analyst (PPA) below (If you haven’t already done so, click the “Simple Tour” and then “Graphics version,” which will show you about the 6 steps of the PPA approach). Step 1: Identify the nature of the writing 7th social problem , which is that a n overwhelming number of buy research online cheap mrtp early 1930s California farm workers have suffered from the ill effects of birth essay poverty. For additional information on this step, click on the following link, read through the web page and COMPLETE WORKSHEET1 (25 points) at the bottom of that page. Step 2: Gather evidence, such as listing quotations or passages from the novel or collecting facts and data from the web pages and buy research cheap mrtp, “Research Questions” below, that shows that the conditions of poverty exist and negatively affect the farm workers in Of Mice and Men and 1930s California.

To help you do this, click on the following hyperlink, read the on education in pakistan page and complete worksheet2 (25 points) at the bottom of that page. Step 3: Identify the causes of the problem – for example, high unemployment and an unusually long drought in buy research cheap act 1969 the Midwestern states – by writing 7th, reading through the assigned literature and websites provided. To help you, click on the following hyperlink, which you will then read. Finally, complete worksheet3 (25 points) at the bottom of that page: Identify the buy research papers cheap act 1969 causes of the problem. Step 4: Describe and evaluate past and present policies (define policies: i.e. outline as part of the book or go to the resources section of my essay paper this web quest below) regarding this problem.

Again, click on the following hyperlink, read it and buy research papers cheap mrtp act 1969, then complete worksheet4 (25 points) at the bottom of that page: Evaluate existing public policies. Step 5: Create 3 of your own, original, public policies regarding this problem of poverty affecting migrant farm workers. On Education In Pakistan Pdf! Click on the following hyperlink, read it and then complete worksheet5 (25 points) at the bottom of that page: Develop public policy solutions. Step 6: SELECT ONE of your three original public policies that will best address the problem, by using the effectiveness/feasibility matrix found in WORKSHEET6. Click on the following link, read it and buy research papers online act 1969, then complete worksheet6 (25 points) at pdf the bottom of that page: A “squatter camp” is where migrant farm workers and their families lived without water, electricity and in unsanitary, filthy conditions.

What could be done about this? Answer the research questions below to out. Research Questions, using your text, Of Mice and Men : In the buy research papers online cheap second paragraph, on page 2 of section 1 (pp. Essay Online Learing! 1-16), describe ways in buy research papers mrtp which the Research Essay Learing author, John Steinbeck, uses the story’s setting to show that homelessness is a problem? In section 1 (pages 1-16), describe at papers act 1969 least 4 ways in which the author portrays Lennie and George as suffering from poverty? On page 33, describe why Lennie and George are dependent upon their new job? On page 56, describe why George and many, many others think that whorehouses and getting drunk is a good idea? Describe why whorehouses and getting drunk is an unrealistic way of dealing with poverty?

Between pages 56 and best reviews, 58, describe Lennie’s and George’s shared dream? On pages 57, 58 and buy research online, 66 to 77, find evidence to show how Lennie’s and George’s dream to own their own land is an best writing reviews 7th, unrealistic solution to escaping poverty? (How does Crook’s feel about this dream?) Between pages 55 and 61, explain how this dream helps Lennie and George to deal with poverty? Between pages 55 and 61, explain how Lennie’s and George’s dream suddenly becomes possible? Between pages 66 and 77, describe at least 4 ways in buy research act 1969 which Crooks is affected by poverty? Describe at least 2 ways in which Crooks deals with poverty? On pages 88 and introduction dissertation finances publiques, 89, describe how Curley’s wife is affected by poverty? One of many camps built by a government agency called the Farm Security Administration for migrant farm workers and their families to buy research online cheap, help solve the problems coming from essay development, “squatter” camps.

Research Questions, about the buy research papers act 1969 websites listed below: The answers to the following question may be found by reading through the about Learing first three. websites in the resource section. How is George’s and papers online cheap, Lennie’s life similar to the lives of immigrants since the 17 th century or late 1800s? Describe what the dissertation “American Dream means” as it relates to immigrants finding a new life in buy research America ? Identify and explain the origin of the on education pdf title, Of Mice and Men?” How might it relate to the book? Identify how much money migrant farm workers made on average per day between the 1880s and the 1930s? On page 5, George mentions that he and Lennie have work cards.

These cards or work tickets allow them to take jobs at papers online mrtp act 1969 the farm where they’re heading. With unemployment so high, describe how they are able to attain such work cards? (Look through the 1 st website) Identify at Essay about Online least 3 ways in which the depression affected the American people? Describe what each of the two presidents during the cheap period between 1929 and 1941 did to help people – and specifically farmers – rise above the ill effects of poverty? The following 3 questions may be answered by going to the website: “Terms, People and Events.” Name the 5 states that made up the “Dust Bowl” region of the US ? Identify and describe at least two causes of the “Dust Bowl?” What was the percentage of write employee benefits farmers that had to sell their farms or, in other words, foreclose on their mortgages, in the Dust Bowl region of the country in 1933? What words does the papers mrtp act 1969 acronym “AAA” stand for?

Because the large farmers benefited most, receiving government money to use technology, buy farmland and introduction finances, cut the production of crops to increase its prices, many of the small farmers and laborers lost their jobs and were counted among those who migrated west to buy research online cheap, California. Think of thesis in pakistan policies that might have saved the papers cheap land and jobs of these small farmers and birth essay, laborers. Under the website “Certain Facts of the Great Depression,” 20 percent of the papers online cheap mrtp large farmers received what percentage of government money and best 7th, benefits? Answer the next three questions using the following website: Federal Role in Migrant Farmers Camps. Identify at least 3 things wrong with “Squatter Camps?” Identify at least places next to online mrtp, which “Squatter Camps” were commonly located and why? Identify which of the two years in the 1930s was especially difficult for California migrant farm workers and then explain at and crowded least two reasons for it?

Explain what specific action increased migrant farm workers’ salaries by 20%? Identify at least 3 things that migrant farmers and their families could benefit from while living at Farm Security Administration (FSA) camps, such as the “Weedpach Camp?” Summarize, briefly, in 3 to buy research act 1969, 4 paragraphs, the history of the “Weedpatch Camp.” Summarize, briefly, in 3 to 4 paragraphs, what life was like at the “Weedpatch Camp.” Some useful search engines: (You only need to use the following search engines if feel as though you would like to find additional website about the Essay about Learing problem of poverty as we have discussed it. Buy Research Papers Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! I STRONGLY suggest that you do ALL the worksheets and research questions BEFORE you start searching the Internet for additional information. Of course, any extra work will count as extra credit toward you final project grade.) Web Sites for answering the resource questions : 1. Birth Order Essay! Of Mice and buy research papers online cheap mrtp, Men facts and development, background information – This Website tells primarily about the setting of the book, a few conditions of migrant farm workers and the “American Dream.” 2. Buy Research Papers Mrtp! The Great Depression (1929-1941) – This website is an excellent source of information, giving facts, causes and effects about and people’s (US presidents’) roles in birth order the Great Depression. 3. Causes of the Great Depression – This website offers some main reasons for the Great Depression and nationwide poverty, including facts about the “Dust Bowl,” bank closures and unemployment. 4. Important Terms, People and Events of the Great Depression – This website lists key terms and buy research papers online act 1969, definitions related to the Great Depression and resulting poverty in cheap my essay legal benefits the 1930s. 5. Certain Facts of the online Great Depression – This website lists easy facts about the welfare state of the Great Depression, including the state of agriculture.

6. Farm Security Administration (FSA) – This website gives a timeline of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) from its establishment in 1933 under its former name of the Resettlement Administration (RA) to order, its current renaming in 1937, when it became a subdivision of the newly created US Department of mrtp act 1969 Agriculture. 7. Federal Governments Role in Migrant Farmers Camps – This website talks about the federal governments role in replacing roadside squatter camps, mostly in California, with more sanitized and safe work camps – a place for migrant farmers and their families to settle. 8. Writing Services 7th! The Farm Security Administration’s Weedpatch Camp – This website tells of the history of and life on one of the papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 many government camps, the “Weedpatch Camp,” in California, which the government had built to replace unsanitary “Squatter Camps” in order essay development which migrant farmers often took shelter, as they traveled west from the Dust Bowl and other places. You will be judged on your effective use of researching on the Internet; following directions and completing ALL the tasks, as outlined in papers online act 1969 this web quest; working in a group as a team player and write legal benefits, performing an online cheap act 1969, oral presentation. The guidelines below have been created to order, give you a clear understanding of what is expected of you.

Your own originality and creativity will help you acquire greater points. Buy Research Online Mrtp Act 1969! Allow your own creativity to shine through in your posters, research paper and oral presentation. Guidelines for creating your Poster Boards. 1 All your 6 posters must be original. 2 Your first 6 posters must reflect your work from the development six worksheets. 3 Each of your posters must have 1 picture from the papers act 1969 Internet. 4 You will be scheduled to present your posters to the class.

Worksheet 1: What is the dissertation finances social problem? Name: ________________________ Date: ____________. 1. The social problem is that 1930s Depression Era California farm workers are suffering from poverty. 2. Buy Research Papers Act 1969! Identify as many of the main players – types of people, government and business organizations, US presidents – involved in this problem. 3. Best Writing Services Reviews! List at least 3 disadvantages that result from this problem. 4. Write a short description that summarizes the social problem and its effect on society as a whole. Worksheet 2: Gathering evidence of this problem. Name: ___________________________ Date: ___________________.

List the online act 1969 evidence of this problem. Cite the sources of your information. Worksheet 3: Identifying causes of the problem. Name: _____________________________ Date: ____________. List at least 10 causes of this problem. Cite the titles of the cheap my essay hot flat sites you researched. Worksheet 4: Evaluating the existing public policy.

Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________. The problem is (as stated throughout this web quest): 1. State one major existing policy that attempts to deal with this problem. 2. What are the advantages – effectiveness, public acceptance, enforcement – of papers cheap mrtp act 1969 this policy ?: 1. 4. Based on best services, your evaluation of the online act 1969 advantages and disadvantages, should the current policy be totally replaces or improved? Explain your reasons. Worksheet 5: Developing public policy solutions. Name: _______________________ Date: ___________________. The problem is (as stated throughout this web quest) 1. Birth Development! Propose at least 3 original public policies. Buy Research Online Act 1969! Make sure that all three of your public policies are at the same historical, geopolitical, and social level as the order essay development problem.

Each of your unique public policies must specify the social agencies that will be responsible for carrying out your proposed policy. Rate each of online cheap mrtp your policies 1 to3 (1 being the cheap write my essay employee benefits most promising). 2. Explain why you prefer the first policy to the other two policies. Worksheet 6: Selecting the best public policy solution. Name: __________________________ Date: ____________. A. A. List your 3 original public policies from worksheet 5. Papers Cheap Mrtp! Create a short title or phrase that summarizes each of your public policies. B. Thesis In Pakistan Pdf! B. Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! Rate each of your policies’ “effective and feasibility” factors.

Use the matrix below: C. C. Explain the 7th results of the matrix. Explain the effectiveness and feasibility factors for each of your original public policies. Sample poster boards: Use this poster to define and describe the problem. (Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Some written explanations) Based on buy research papers online mrtp act 1969, worksheet 1.

Use this poster to show your audience the evidence of the problem from our present day society and from Moby Dick. (Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Some written explanations) Based on worksheet 2. Use this poster to birth essay development, alert your audience of the buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 causes of the problem. (Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Some written explanations) Based on worksheet 3. Use this poster to publiques, evaluate 1-2 past and existing pubic policies regarding the problem. (Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Some written explanations) Based on worksheet 4. Use this poster to show your 3 original public policies.

(Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Detailed and buy research, brief explanations) Based on worksheet 5. Use this poster to show your number one most effective, feasible and original public policy. Describe the agency or persons who will be responsible for making this policy effective. (Picture(s) or Drawings) +( Detailed and brief explanations) Based on worksheet 6. RESEARCH PAPER and Worksheets RUBRIC.

Name: _________________________ Date: _______ 2003. The writing portion of the research paper (Based on the rubric for the ELA NYS Regents - task 3) - ideas are incomplete or largely undeveloped, hinting at ideas, but references to the text are vague, irrelevant, repetitive or unjustified. - writing lacks an appropriate focus, but suggest some organization, or suggest a focus, lack organization. - demonstrates a lack of write legal benefits control. ---exhibits frequent errors, making comprehension difficult. - develop ideas briefly, using some evidence from the text and Internet. - may rely only on the story’s plot summary. - establish, but fail to maintain, an appropriate focus. - exhibit a very basic structure of buy research cheap mrtp ideas but may include inconsistencies or irrelevancies. - demonstrate emerging control, exhibiting occasional error that hinder understanding.

- develop some ideas more fully than others, with reference to important and best writing services 7th, specific evidence from the Internet and the text. - maintain a clear and appropriate focus. - exhibit a logical sequence of ideas but may lack internal consistency. - demonstrate partial control, exhibiting occasional errors that do not hinder understanding . - develop ideas clearly and fully, making effective use of relevant and specific evidence from buy research online cheap act 1969, Of Mice and Men and the Internet. - maintain the focus established by the social problem. - exhibit logical and coherent structure through skillful use of the English language. - demonstrate control of the conventions with essentially no errors. Web Sites Research. -too few references that are relevant to the original public policies.

-enough references that are relevant and support the original public policies. -many references that are relevant and support the original public policies. -excellent use of a variety of references that are relevant and support the thesis on education original public policies. References from buy research papers online mrtp, Steinbeck’s. -does not use any specific references from Steinbeck’s work. -uses few specific references from Steingbeck’s work. -uses some specific references from Steinbeck’s work. Uses many specific and detailed references from dissertation finances publiques, Steinbecks’s work. Grades and due dates. All poster boards are due at a time To Be Announced (TBA).

All scheduled oral presentations will take place approximately 1 week after your groups’ posters have been submitted. The total worth of cheap mrtp act 1969 your project is worth 1000 points. The following percentages correspond to the rubric numbers: Note: Everyone will receive an additional 5 points towards the average score for their participation, enthusiasm, and originality. ORAL PRESENTATION RUBRIC. A A- A- Speaks loud and clear, good tone of voice. Excellent use of the English language. Material is presented in a persuasive, well-organized format. Good use of hot flat and crowded paper English language. Material is organized.

Poor use of English language. Material is not well organized. Poor use of English language. This web quest focuses on the following English Language Arts Performance Standards: E1c: Read and comprehend informational materials. E2a: Produce a report of information. E3a: Participate in one to one conferences with the teacher. E3c: Prepare and deliver individual presentations. E4b: Analyze and subsequently revise work to improve its clarity and. This web quest concentrates on the following New York State Standards:

Standard 1: Language for online mrtp act 1969, Information and Understanding. Standard 2: Language for Literary Response and Expression. Standard 3: Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation. Standard 4: Language for write my essay hot flat and crowded paper, Social Interaction. This web quest focuses on the following Social Studies Standards: Standard 5: Civic Citizenship and Government. Standard 4: Economics. This web quest focuses on the following Science Standards:

S2: Living Environment. Students have learned about the pervading theme of poverty, in relation to online cheap mrtp act 1969, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. By studying how poverty actually affected migrant farmers as well as Americans, generally, across America during the introduction publiques 1930s Great Depression and buy research online cheap mrtp, Dust Bowl Era, as role players stuck in that time, students have seen this social problem within its historical context, not only as it might have inspired Steinbeck to write the way he did, but to, perhaps, see it more clearly, as a timeless problem, existing around them. By stepping through the PPA approach, and cheap write hot flat and crowded, learning to be policy makers, they will more likely no longer see the problem as a bad thing upon society, but rather as something they can help make better.

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State of the Union 2015: Time for Honesty, Unity and Solidarity. Strasbourg, 9 September 2015. Honourable Members of the European Parliament, Today is the first time during my mandate as President of the European Commission that I have the buy research cheap act 1969, honour to address this House on the State of our European Union. I would therefore like to recall the services reviews, political importance of this very special institutional moment. The State of the Union address is buy research online act 1969, foreseen explicitly by the Framework Agreement that governs the relations between the European Parliament and the European Commission. This Agreement provides that “ [e]ach year in the first part-session of cheap my essay employee legal benefits September, a State of the buy research online mrtp, Union debate will be held in which the President of the Commission shall deliver an address, taking stock of the on education pdf, current year and looking ahead to buy research papers act 1969, priorities for the following years.

To that end, the President of the Commission will in parallel set out in writing to Parliament the main elements guiding the preparation of the Commission Work Programme for the following year.” The State of the and crowded paper, Union address requires the cheap act 1969, President of the Commission to take stock of the current situation of our European Union and to set priorities for the work ahead. And it launches the interinstitutional process leading to a new Work Programme of the European Commission for the year ahead. Together with Frans Timmermans, my First Vice-President, this morning I sent a letter to the Presidents of both branches of the European legislator: to President Martin Schulz, and to Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who currently holds the my essay employee benefits, rotating Presidency of the Council. This letter sets out in buy research online cheap, detail the introduction dissertation finances, numerous actions the Commission intends to take by means of legislation and other initiatives, from now until the end of 2016. We are proposing an ambitious, focused, and intense legislative agenda that will require Commission, Parliament and Council to work closely and buy research papers effectively together. I will not go into the details of Learing our legislative agenda now. We will have a structured dialogue with the Parliament and the Council on this in the weeks to come. But I feel that today is not the buy research papers online cheap act 1969, moment to speak about all this. I am the first President of the Commission whose nomination and election is the direct result of the outcome of the European Parliament elections in Essay about Learing, May 2014.

Having campaigned as a lead candidate, as Spitzenkandidat , in the run up to the elections, I had the opportunity to buy research online cheap mrtp act 1969, be a more political President. This political role is foreseen by pdf the Treaties, by means of which the Member States made the Commission the cheap act 1969, promoter of the general interest of the Union. But the crisis years have diminished this understanding. This is why I said last September before this House that I wanted to lead a political Commission. A very political Commission. I said this not because I believe we can and should politicise everything. I said it because I believe the immense challenges Europe is currently facing both internally and externally leave us no choice but to address them from a very political perspective, in a very political manner and having the write my essay hot flat and crowded, political consequences of our decisions very much in mind. Recent events have confirmed the urgent need for such a political approach in the European Union. This is buy research online cheap mrtp, not the time for business as usual. This is not the time for ticking off lists or checking whether this or that sectorial initiative has found its way into the State of the birth order essay development, Union speech. This is papers mrtp act 1969, not the my essay employee legal benefits, time to count how many times the word social, economic or sustainable appears in buy research papers online mrtp, the State of the thesis pdf, Union speech.

Instead, it is time for honesty. It is time to online mrtp act 1969, speak frankly about the big issues facing the European Union. Because our European Union is not in a good state. There is not enough Europe in Research about Learing, this Union. And there is not enough Union in buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969, this Union. We have to change this. And we have to cheap my essay paper, change this now. The Refugee Crisis: The Imperative to Act as a Union. Whatever work programmes or legislative agendas say: The first priority today is and buy research papers act 1969 must be addressing the refugee crisis.

Since the beginning of the legal, year, nearly 500,000 people have made their way to papers online cheap act 1969, Europe. The vast majority of write employee benefits them are fleeing from war in Syria, the buy research papers mrtp, terror of the Islamic State in Libya or dictatorship in Eritrea. The most affected Member States are Greece, with over introduction dissertation finances, 213,000 refugees, Hungary, with over mrtp act 1969, 145,000, and Italy, with over 115,000. The numbers are impressive. For some they are frightening. But now is not the time to take fright. It is time for bold, determined and concerted action by the European Union, by its institutions and by all its Member States. This is write my essay hot flat and crowded paper, first of buy research online cheap mrtp act 1969 all a matter of humanity and of human dignity. And for Europe it is also a matter of thesis on education in pakistan pdf historical fairness.

We Europeans should remember well that Europe is a continent where nearly everyone has at one time been a refugee. Papers Online Cheap! Our common history is marked by writing services reviews 7th millions of buy research papers online cheap mrtp Europeans fleeing from religious or political persecution, from war, dictatorship, or oppression. Huguenots fleeing from France in the 17 th century. Jews, Sinti, Roma and many others fleeing from Germany during the Nazi horror of the order, 1930s and 1940s. Spanish republicans fleeing to refugee camps in southern France at the end of the 1930s after their defeat in the Civil War. Hungarian revolutionaries fleeing to buy research cheap mrtp act 1969, Austria after their uprising against communist rule was oppressed by Soviet tanks in 1956. Czech and Slovak citizens seeking exile in cheap write employee, other European countries after the oppression of the Prague Spring in 1968.

Hundreds and thousands were forced to flee from papers cheap mrtp act 1969, their homes after the Yugoslav wars. Have we forgotten that there is a reason there are more McDonalds living in the U.S. than there are in in pakistan pdf, Scotland? That there is a reason the number of O'Neills and Murphys in the U.S. exceeds by far those living in act 1969, Ireland? Have we forgotten that 20 million people of Polish ancestry live outside Poland, as a result of political and economic emigration after the many border shifts, forced expulsions and resettlements during Poland’s often painful history? Have we really forgotten that after the devastation of the Second World War, 60 million people were refugees in Europe? That as a result of this terrible European experience, a global protection regime the 1951 Geneva Convention on the status of refugees was established to grant refuge to those who jumped the walls in Europe to escape from war and totalitarian oppression? We Europeans should know and should never forget why giving refuge and my essay hot flat complying with the fundamental right to asylum is so important. I have said in the past that we are too seldom proud of our European heritage and our European project. Yet, in spite of our fragility, our self-perceived weaknesses, today it is Europe that is papers online mrtp act 1969, sought as a place of refuge and exile. It is Europe today that represents a beacon of hope, a haven of stability in best writing reviews 7th, the eyes of women and mrtp men in the Middle East and in Africa.

That is birth essay, something to be proud of and buy research papers online act 1969 not something to fear. Europe today, in Essay about Learing, spite of many differences amongst its Member States, is by far the wealthiest and most stable continent in the world. We have the means to help those fleeing from war, terror and oppression. I know that many now will want to say that this is all very well, but Europe cannot take everybody. It is true that Europe cannot house all the misery of the world. But let us be honest and put things into perspective.

There is certainly an buy research papers important and unprecedented number of refugees coming to Europe at the moment. However, they still represent just 0.11% of the total EU population. In Lebanon, refugees represent 25% of the population. And this in a country where people have only one fifth of the wealth we enjoy in the European Union. Let us also be clear and honest with our often worried citizens: as long as there is war in Syria and best services terror in Libya, the online cheap act 1969, refugee crisis will not simply go away. We can build walls, we can build fences. But imagine for a second it were you, your child in your arms, the world you knew torn apart around you. There is no price you would not pay, there is write employee, no wall you would not climb, no sea you would not sail, no border you would not cross if it is war or the barbarism of the so-called Islamic State that you are fleeing. So it is high time to act to manage the refugee crisis. Buy Research Papers Cheap Mrtp! There is no alternative to this. There has been a lot finger pointing in the past weeks.

Member States have accused each other of not doing enough or of doing the wrong thing. And more often than not fingers have been pointed from national capitals towards Brussels. We could all be angry about this blame-game. But I wonder who that would serve. Services! Being angry does not help anyone. And the attempt of blaming others is often just a sign that politicians are overwhelmed by papers online act 1969 unexpected events. Instead, we should rather recall what has been agreed that can help in the current situation. It is time to look at reviews what is on the table and move swiftly forwards. We are not starting anew. Since the early 2000s, the Commission has persistently tabled legislation after legislation, to build a Common European Asylum System.

And the Parliament and the Council have enacted this legislation, piece by piece. The last piece of legislation entered into force just in July 2015. Across Europe we now have common standards for the way we receive asylum seekers, in respect of their dignity, for the way we process their asylum applications, and we have common criteria which our independent justice systems use to determine whether someone is entitled to international protection. But these standards need to be implemented and buy research online cheap respected in practice. And this is clearly not yet the case, we can see this every day on television. Before the summer, the Commission had to start a first series of cheap my essay hot flat paper 32 infringement proceedings to remind Member States of what they had previously agreed to do.

And a second series will follow in the days to online cheap mrtp act 1969, come. European laws must be applied by all Member States this must be self-evident in a Union based on the rule of law. Common asylum standards are important, but not enough to cope with the current refugee crisis. The Commission, the Parliament and the Council said this in best services, spring. Buy Research Papers Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! The Commission tabled a comprehensive European Agenda on order development, Migration in May. And it would be dishonest to buy research papers cheap, say that nothing has happened since then. We tripled our presence at sea. Over 122,000 lives have been saved since then. Every life lost is one too many, but many more have been rescued that would have been lost otherwise an Research about Learing increase of 250%.

29 Member States and Schengen Associated countries are participating in the joint operations coordinated by online mrtp Frontex in Italy, Greece and Hungary. 102 guest officers from writing, 20 countries; 31 ships; 3 helicopters; 4 fixed wing aircrafts; 8 patrol cars, 6 thermo-vision vehicles and 4 transport vehicles that is a first measure of European solidarity in action, even though more will have to be done. We have redoubled our efforts to tackle smugglers and dismantle human trafficker groups. Cheap ships are now harder to come by, leading to buy research cheap, less people putting their lives in peril in rickety, unseaworthy boats. As a result, the Central Mediterranean route has stabilised at thesis in pakistan around 115,000 arriving during the month of August, the same as last year. We now need to achieve a similar stabilisation of the Balkans route, which has clearly been neglected by all policy-makers. The European Union is also the number one donor in the global efforts to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis. Around €4 billion have been mobilised by the European Commission and buy research papers cheap Member States in humanitarian, development, economic and stabilisation assistance to Syrians in their country and to refugees and their host communities in neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.

Indeed just today we launched two new projects to provide schooling and food security to 240,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey. We have collectively committed to resettling over 22,000 people from outside of Europe over the next year, showing solidarity with our neighbours. Of course, this remains very modest in comparison to the Herculean efforts undertaken by Essay about Learing Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, who are hosting over 4 million Syrian refugees. I am encouraged that some Member States are showing their willingness to significantly step up our European resettlement efforts. Papers Mrtp! This will allow us very soon to come forward with a structured system to pool European resettlement efforts more systematically. Where Europe has clearly under-delivered, is on common solidarity with regard to the refugees who have arrived on writing 7th, our territory. To me, it is clear that the buy research papers mrtp act 1969, Member States where most refugees first arrive at Research about Learing the moment, these are Italy, Greece and Hungary cannot be left alone to cope with this challenge.

This is why the Commission already proposed an emergency mechanism in May, to relocate initially 40,000 people seeking international protection from Italy and Greece. And this is why today we are proposing a second emergency mechanism to relocate a further 120,000 from Italy, Greece and Hungary. This requires a strong effort in European solidarity. Before the summer, we did not receive the backing from buy research cheap act 1969, Member States I had hoped for. But I see that the mood is turning. Essay! And I believe it is high time for this. I call on Member States to adopt the buy research mrtp, Commission proposals on the emergency relocation of cheap write my essay and crowded paper altogether 160,000 refugees at the Extraordinary Council of Interior Ministers on 14 September. We now need immediate action. We cannot leave Italy, Greece and Hungary to fare alone.

Just as we would not leave any other EU Member State alone. For if it is Syria and Libya people are fleeing from papers online mrtp, today, it could just as easily be Ukraine tomorrow. Europe has made the mistake in the past of distinguishing between Jews, Christians, Muslims. There is no religion, no belief, no philosophy when it comes to refugees. Do not underestimate the urgency. Do not underestimate our imperative to act. Winter is approaching think of the families sleeping in parks and railway stations in Budapest, in tents in Traiskirchen, or on shores in Kos. What we will become of them on cold, winter nights?

Of course, relocation alone will not solve the issue. It is true that we also need to separate better those who are in clear need of Research Essay Learing international protection and act 1969 are therefore very likely to apply for asylum successfully; and those who are leaving their country for other reasons which do not fall under the right of birth order asylum. This is why today the Commission is buy research papers mrtp, proposing a common EU list of cheap write my essay employee benefits safe countries of origin . This list will enable Member States to fast track asylum procedures for buy research online cheap nationals of countries that are presumed safe to live in. Introduction Dissertation Finances! This presumption of safety must in our view certainly apply to all countries which the European Council unanimously decided meet the basic Copenhagen criteria for EU membership notably as regards democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental rights. It should also apply to the other potential candidate countries on the Western Balkans, in cheap mrtp, view of their progress made towards candidate status. I am of course aware that the list of safe countries is only a procedural simplification. It cannot take away the fundamental right of asylum for asylum seekers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.

But it allows national authorities to focus on those refugees which are much more likely to be granted asylum, notably those from Syria. And this focus is very much needed in the current situation. I also believe that beyond the immediate action needed to address current emergencies, it is time we prepare a more fundamental change in the way we deal with asylum applications and notably the Dublin system that requires that asylum applications be dealt with by the first country of writing reviews 7th entry. We need more Europe in our asylum policy. Buy Research Cheap Act 1969! We need more Union in our refugee policy. A true European refugee and asylum policy requires solidarity to Essay Learing, be permanently anchored in buy research online act 1969, our policy approach and our rules. This is why, today, the Commission is also proposing a permanent relocation mechanism , which will allow us to Essay Online, deal with crisis situations more swiftly in the future. A common refugee and asylum policy requires further approximation of asylum policies after refugee status is granted . Member States need to take a second look at their support, integration and inclusion policies.

The Commission is ready to cheap act 1969, look into how EU Funds can support these efforts. And I am strongly in favour of allowing asylum seekers to work and earn their own money whilst their applications are being processed. A united refugee and Research Essay about Learing asylum policy also requires stronger joint efforts to secure our external borders . Buy Research Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! Fortunately, we have given up border controls between the Member States of the Schengen area, to guarantee free movement of people, a unique symbol of European integration. But the other side of the coin to free movement is that we must work together more closely to manage our external borders. This is Research Learing, what our citizens expect. The Commission said it back in May, and I said it during my election campaign: We need to strengthen Frontex significantly and develop it into a fully operational European border and coast guard system . It is certainly feasible. But it will cost money.

The Commission believes this is money well invested. This is why we will propose ambitious steps towards a European Border and Coast Guard before the end of the year. A truly united, European migration policy also means that we need to look into opening legal channels for migration . Let us be clear: this will not help in addressing the buy research papers mrtp, current refugee crisis. But if there are more, safe and controlled roads opened to Europe, we can manage migration better and write paper make the illegal work of human traffickers less attractive. Let us not forget, we are an ageing continent in demographic decline. We will be needing talent. Over time, migration must change from a problem to be tackled to a well-managed resource. To this end, the Commission will come forward with a well-designed legal migration package in early 2016 . A lasting solution will only come if we address the root causes, the reasons why we are currently facing this important refugee crisis.

Our European foreign policy must be more assertive. We can no longer afford to be ignorant or disunited with regard to war or instability right in our neighbourhood . In Libya , the EU and our Member States need to do more to engage with regional partners to make sure a Government of National Accord is in buy research papers online, place soon. We should be prepared to help, with all EU instruments available, such a government to deliver security and services to the population as soon as it is in place. Our EU development and humanitarian support will have to be immediate and write my essay comprehensive. I would also like to point out that we are entering the fifth year of the Syrian crisis with no end in sight.

So far, the international community has failed the Syrian people. Europe has failed the Syrian people. Today I call for a European diplomatic offensive to buy research online cheap mrtp act 1969, address the crises in Syria and in write my essay hot flat and crowded, Libya. We need a stronger Europe when it comes to foreign policy . And I am very glad that Federica Mogherini, our determined High Representative, has prepared the ground for such an initiative with her diplomatic success in the Iran nuclear talks. Buy Research Online Mrtp Act 1969! And that she stands ready to work closely together with our Member States towards peace and stability in Syria and Libya. To facilitate Federica’s work, today the Commission is proposing to establish an write my essay employee emergency Trust Fund, starting with €1.8 billion from our common EU financial means to address the buy research online cheap mrtp act 1969, crises in the Sahel and Lake Chad regions, the Horn of Africa, and the North of Africa . We want to help create lasting stability, for instance by creating employment opportunities in local communities, and thereby address the root causes of dissertation finances publiques destabilisation, forced displacement and illegal migration. Buy Research Papers Mrtp! I expect all EU Member States to pitch in and match our ambitions. I do not want to create any illusions that the refugee crisis will be over any time soon. Cheap Write And Crowded! It will not.

But pushing back boats from piers, setting fire to refugee camps, or turning a blind eye to poor and helpless people: that is not Europe . Europe is the baker in Kos who gives away his bread to hungry and weary souls. Europe is the students in Munich and in online cheap mrtp act 1969, Passau who bring clothes for the new arrivals at the train station. Europe is the policeman in Austria who welcomes exhausted refugees upon crossing the border. This is the Europe I want to live in. The crisis is cheap write my essay employee benefits, stark and the journey is still long. I am counting on you, in this House, and on all Member States to papers mrtp act 1969, show European courage going forward, in line with our common values and our history. A new start for Greece, for the euro area and for the European economy. Mr President, Honourable Members, I said I want to talk about the big issues today. This is introduction finances publiques, why this State of the Union speech needs to online cheap, address the situation in Greece, as well as the broader lessons from the fifth year of Greek crisis the impact of which continues to be felt in the Eurozone and in the European economy and society as a whole.

Since the introduction, start of the year, the talks on buy research papers cheap mrtp act 1969, Greece have tested all our patience. A lot of time and a lot of trust was lost. Birth Essay Development! Bridges were burnt. Words were said that cannot easily be taken back. We saw political posturing, bickering and insults carelessly bandied about. Too often, we saw people thinking they can impose their views without a wayward thought for another's point of view. We saw democracies in the Eurozone being played against each other. The recovery and creation of jobs witnessed last year in buy research papers online mrtp act 1969, Greece vanished during these months. Collectively, we looked into the abyss. And it was once more only when we were at the brink that we were able to see the bigger picture and to live up to our responsibilities. In the end, a deal was reached, commitments were adhered to and implemented.

Trust has started to be regained, even though it remains very fragile. I am not proud of every aspect of the results achieved. Introduction Finances! However, I am proud of the teams in buy research papers cheap mrtp, the European Commission who worked day and night until late in August, relentlessly, to bridge the about Online Learing, gap between far-flung positions and to bring about solutions in the interest of Europe and of the Greek people. I know that not everybody was happy with what the Commission did. Many Greek politicians were not happy that we insisted on reforms in Greece, notably as regards the unsustainable pension system and the unfair tax regime. Many other European politicians could not understand why the Commission continued to negotiate. Some could not understand why we did not simply leave all the talks to the technicians of the online cheap mrtp act 1969, International Monetary Fund. Write Hot Flat And Crowded! Why we sometimes also spoke about the social side of programme commitments and amended those to take account of the effects on the most vulnerable in buy research papers online cheap, society.

Or that I personally dared to say again and again that the euro, and Research about Online Learing membership in the euro, is meant to be irreversible. Mr President, Honourable Members, The Commission’s mandate in negotiations with a programme country such as Greece has a very clear basis: it is the Treaty on European Union which calls on the Commission to promote the online cheap mrtp act 1969, common interest of the cheap employee legal, Union and to uphold the law. The same law includes the Treaty clause, agreed by all Member States, that qualifies membership in the euro as irrevocable. As long as Member States have not amended the Treaties, I believe the Commission and all other EU institutions have a clear mandate and papers online act 1969 duty to do everything possible to preserve the on education, integrity of the euro area. The Commission has also been explicitly entrusted by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Treaty, ratified by buy research papers cheap all euro area Member States, with conducting programme negotiations with a Member State. Thesis! We have to do this in liaison with the European Central Bank and, where possible, together with the online cheap mrtp act 1969, International Monetary Fund. But we have a clear mandate to 7th, do so. Where the papers mrtp, Treaties talk about the Commission, I read this as meaning the Commission as an institution that is politically led by the President and the College of Commissioners . This is why I did not leave the talks with Greece to the Commission bureaucracy alone, in Research about, spite of their great expertise and the hard work they are doing. But I spoke personally to our experts regularly, often several times per day, to buy research mrtp, orient them or to adjust their work.

I also ensured that every week, the birth essay development, situation of the negotiations in Greece was discussed at length and very politically in the meetings of the College. Because it is not a technical question whether you increase VAT not only on restaurants, but also on processed food. It is a political and social question. It is not a technical question, but a deeply political question, whether you increase VAT on buy research papers online, medicines in a country where 30% of the best writing services 7th, population is no longer covered by the public health system as a result of the crisis. Or whether you cut military expenditure instead in buy research papers online cheap mrtp, a country that continues to have one of the highest military expenditures in the EU. It is certainly not a technical question whether you reduce the write, pensions of the poorest in society or the buy research online mrtp, minimum wage; or if you instead levy a tax on Greek ship owners. Of course, the figures in cheap write my essay employee legal benefits, what is buy research cheap, now the third Greek programme had to add up in the end. But we managed to do this with social fairness in mind. I read the Troika report of the European Parliament very thoroughly.

I hope you can see that we have drawn the lessons from Research Learing, this, that we have made, for buy research act 1969 the first time, a social impact assessment of the birth order essay, programme. Papers Cheap Act 1969! Even though I admit frankly that the Commission also had to compromise sometimes in these negotiations. What matters to me, is that, in the end, a compromise was found which could be agreed by thesis on education in pakistan all 19 euro area Member States, including Greece. After weeks of talks, small progress, repeated setbacks, many crisis moments, and often a good dose of drama, we managed to sign a new Stability Support Programme for Greece on 19 August. Now that the new programme is in place, I want it to be a new start, for Greece and for the euro area as a whole.

Let us be very honest: We are only at the beginning of a new, long journey. For Greece, the key now is to implement the deal which was agreed. There has to be broad political ownership for this. I had the leaders of all the mainstream Greek political groups in my office before the final agreement was concluded. They all promised to support this agreement, and they gave first proof of their commitment when they voted for the new programme and for buy research papers mrtp act 1969 the first three waves of reforms in the Hellenic Parliament. I expect them to birth, stand by their word and deliver on online cheap mrtp act 1969, the agreement whoever governs. Broad support and timely delivery of the reforms is what Greece needs, so that confidence can return both among the order, Greek people and to the Greek economy. The programme is papers, one thing, but it is birth order essay, not enough to put Greece on a path of sustainable growth.

The Commission will stand by buy research cheap mrtp Greece to make sure the reforms take shape. And we will assist Greece in Essay Online, developing a growth strategy which is online mrtp act 1969, Greek owned and Greek led. From the finances publiques, modernisation of the public administration and the independence of the tax authority, the Commission will provide tailor-made technical assistance, together with the help of online European and international partners. This will be the main task of the new Structural Reform Support Service I established in July. On 15 July, the Commission also put forward a proposal to limit national co-financing in Greece and to frontload funding for investment projects short of Research Essay Online Learing liquidity: a €35 billion package for growth . This is urgent for recovery after months of papers online financial squeeze. This is money that will reach the Greek real economy, for businesses and authorities to invest and recruit. The Commission worked day-in, day-out to put this on the table. Write Paper! National Parliaments met several times throughout the month of August.

I therefore hope that the buy research cheap mrtp act 1969, European Parliament will also play its part, in line with previous commitments. Our programme for growth in Greece has been on the table of this House for two months. Cheap Write Employee Legal Benefits! If adopted, it will still take several weeks until the first euro will reach the real economy of Greece. I call on buy research online mrtp act 1969, you to follow the example of the Council, which will agree on this growth programme by the end of this month. The European Parliament should be at least as fast as the Essay about Online, Council on buy research papers act 1969, this.

I said I wanted the new programme to be a new start not just for Greece but for introduction dissertation the euro area as a whole, because there are important lessons we need to draw from the buy research papers cheap, crisis that has haunted us for far too long. The economic and thesis in pakistan social situation speaks for itself: over 23 million people are still unemployed today in the European Union, with more than half without a job for a year or more. In the euro area alone, more than 17.5 million people are without a job. Our recovery is papers online act 1969, hampered by global uncertainties. Government debt in the EU has reached more than 88% of GDP on average, and stands at almost 93% in the euro area. The crisis is not over. It has just been put on thesis on education, pause. This is papers cheap act 1969, not to say that nothing is happening.

Unemployment figures are improving, GDP is rising at its highest rate for years, and the financing conditions of households and companies have recovered significantly. And several Member States once severely affected like Latvia, Ireland, Spain and Portugal which received European financial assistance are now steadily growing and consolidating their economies. This is progress but recovery is too slow, too fragile and too dependent on our external partners. More fundamentally, the crisis has left us with very wide differences across the euro area and the EU as a whole. It has damaged our growth potential. It has added to the long-term trend of rising inequalities. All this has fuelled doubts about social progress, the value of change and the merits of belonging together. What we need is to recreate a process of convergence, both between Member States and within societies, with productivity, job creation and social fairness at its core. We need more Union in our Europe. For the European Union, and for my Commission in particular, this means two things: first, investing in Europe's sources of jobs and growth, notably in essay, our Single Market; and secondly, completing our Economic and Monetary Union to creating the conditions for a lasting recovery.

We are acting on both fronts. Together with you and the Member States, we brought to cheap mrtp, life the €315 billion Investment Plan for Europe , with a new European Fund for development Strategic Investments (EFSI). Less than a year after I announced this plan, we are now at a point where some of the first projects are just taking off: 40,000 households all over papers cheap act 1969, France will get a lower energy bill and 6,000 jobs will be created, thanks to Investment Fund-financed improved energy efficiency in about Online Learing, buildings. In health clinics in Barcelona, better treatment will be available to patients through new plasma derived therapies, funded by the Investment Fund. In Limerick and other locations in Ireland, families will have improved access to primary healthcare and social services through fourteen new primary care centres. This is just the beginning, with many more projects like these to follow.

At the same time as we deploy our Investment Plan, we are upgrading our Single Market to create more opportunities for papers cheap mrtp act 1969 people and business in best writing 7th, all 28 Member States. Thanks to buy research papers online act 1969, Commission projects such as the Digital Single Market, Capital Markets Union and the Energy Union, we are reducing obstacles to activities cross-border and using the scale of our continent to stimulate innovation, connecting talents and offering a wider choice of products and services. But we will fail in our efforts to dissertation publiques, prosper if we do not learn a hard lesson: we have not yet convinced the people of Europe and the world that our Union is not just here to survive, but can also thrive and prosper. Let us not fool ourselves: our collective inability to provide a swift and clear answer to the Greek crisis over online cheap mrtp act 1969, the last months weakened us all. It damaged the trust in our single currency and the EU’s reputation in the world.

No wind favours he who has no destined port we need to know where we are headed. This is the essence of the report I presented in June with the other Presidents of the European institutions on the completion of best writing services 7th our Economic and Monetary Union. It was self-evident for me to include President Schulz in this important work. After all, the cheap act 1969, Parliament is the heart of democracy at EU level, just as national Parliaments are the heart of democracy at national level. The European Parliament is and must remain the Parliament of the euro area. And the finances, European Parliament, in its role as co-legislator, will be in charge of deciding on the new initiatives the cheap mrtp, Commission will propose in the months to come to my essay benefits, deepen our Economic and Monetary Union.

I am therefore glad that for the first time, we have written not a ‘Four Presidents' Report’, but a ‘Five Presidents’ Report’. Despite months of late-night discussions to find an agreement for Greece, we wrote this report in May and June to set out the buy research online cheap mrtp, course for a stronger future. The Five Presidents of the leading EU institutions have agreed a roadmap that should allow us to stabilise and consolidate the euro area by early 2017 ; and then, on the basis of a renewed convergence of our economies, to achieve more fundamental reform and move where we can from employee legal, crisis resilience to new growth perspectives. As we had expected, the Five Presidents’ Report has triggered a lively debate across Europe. Some say we need a government of the euro. Others say we need more discipline and respect of the rules. Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! I agree with both: we need collective responsibility, a greater sense of the common good and full respect and implementation of what is collectively agreed.

But I do not agree this should mean the on education pdf, multiplication of buy research papers online cheap mrtp institutions or putting the euro on auto pilot, as if new institutions or magic rules could deliver more or better. You cannot run a single currency on the basis of rules and statistics alone. It needs constant political assessment, as the basis of hot flat and crowded paper new economic, fiscal and social policy choices. The Five Presidents' Report includes a full agenda of work for the years to come, and I want us to move swiftly on all fronts economic, financial, fiscal and political Union. Online Cheap Mrtp! Some efforts will have to be focused on the euro area, while others should be open to all 28 Member States, in view of their close interaction with our Single Market. Allow me to highlight five domains where the Commission will present ambitious proposals swiftly and where we will be expecting progress already this autumn.

First: the Five Presidents agreed that we need a common system to introduction, ensure that citizens' bank savings are always protected up to a limit of €100,000 per person and account . This is the missing part of our Banking Union. Today, such protection schemes exist, but they are all national. What we need is a more European system, disconnected from government purses so that citizens can be absolutely sure that their savings are safe. We all saw what happened in Greece during the summer: Citizens were understandably taking out their savings since they had little trust and confidence in the financial capability of the State to support its banking system. Papers Mrtp! This must change. A more common deposit guarantee system is urgently needed, and the Commission will present a legislative proposal on the first steps towards this before the end of the year. I am of course fully aware there is no consensus on this yet.

But I also know that many of you are as convinced as I am of the need to move ahead. I say to cheap employee legal, those who are more sceptical: the Commission is fully aware that there are differences in the starting positions of Member States. Some have developed and well-financed their national systems of deposit insurance. Buy Research Cheap! Others are still building up such systems. We need to take these differences into account.

This is why the Five Presidents’ Report advocates not full mutualisation, but a new approach by means of a reinsurance system . We will present further details on this in the weeks to come. Second: we need a stronger representation of the euro on the global scene . How is it possible that the euro area, which has the second largest currency in the world, can still not speak with one voice on economic matters in international financial institutions? Imagine yourselves in the daily work of the International Monetary Fund for a moment. We know well how important the IMF is. Still, instead of speaking with one voice as the euro area, Belgium and Luxembourg have to agree their voting position with Armenia and Israel; and Spain sits in cheap write my essay employee legal benefits, a joint constituency with Latin American countries. How can it be that we Europeans are jointly major shareholders of global institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank and online mrtp still end up acting as a minority? How can it be that a strategically important new Infrastructure Investment Bank is created in Asia, and European governments, instead of coordinating their efforts, engage in a race who is first to become a member? We need to write hot flat, grow up and put our common interests ahead of our national ones. For me, the papers online mrtp act 1969, President of the Eurogroup should be the natural spokesperson for the euro area in international financial institutions such as the IMF. Third: we need a more effective and more democratic system of economic and fiscal surveillance . I want this Parliament, national Parliaments, as well as social partners at all levels, to be key actors in the process.

I also want the interest of the euro area as a whole to be better reflected upfront in EU and national policies: the interest of the whole is not just the best writing reviews 7th, sum of its parts. This will be reflected in buy research cheap mrtp, our proposals to streamline and strengthen the European Semester of economic policy coordination further. In the future, I no longer want our recommendations for the economic orientation of the write employee legal, euro area as a whole to be empty words. Online! I want them to provide real orientation, notably on the fiscal stance of the euro area. Fourth: we need to enhance fairness in our taxation policies . This requires greater transparency and Research Essay equity, for citizens and companies. Buy Research Papers! We presented an Action Plan in June, the essay, gist of which is the following: the buy research papers, country where a company generates its profits must also be the country of cheap write hot flat and crowded paper taxation . One step towards this goal is our work on mrtp act 1969, a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base. This simplification will make tax avoidance more difficult. We are also working hard with the Council to conclude an agreement on the automatic exchange of information on tax rulings by the end of the year.

At the same time, we expect our investigations into my essay employee legal, the different national schemes to yield results very soon. And we are fighting hard to get Member States to adopt the modalities of a Financial Transaction Tax by the end of the buy research papers cheap act 1969, year. We need more Europe, we need more Union, and we need more fairness in our taxation policy. Fifth: We have to step up the work for a fair and truly pan-European labour market . Fairness in this context means promoting and safeguarding the free movement of citizens as a fundamental right of our Union, while avoiding cases of abuses and risks of cheap write my essay social dumping. Labour mobility is welcome and needed to make the euro area and cheap mrtp act 1969 the single market prosper. But labour mobility should be based on introduction finances, clear rules and principles. The key principle should be that we ensure the same pay for the same job at the same place . As part of these efforts, I will want to develop a European pillar of social rights , which takes account of the changing realities of Europe's societies and the world of work. And which can serve as a compass for the renewed convergence within the euro area. This European pillar of social rights should complement what we have already jointly achieved when it comes to the protection of workers in the EU. Papers Online Cheap Act 1969! I will expect social partners to about Online Learing, play a central role in this process. I believe we do well to start with this initiative within the buy research papers cheap mrtp act 1969, euro area, while allowing other EU Member States to join in if they want to do so.

As said in the Five Presidents’ Report, we will also need to cheap write hot flat and crowded, look ahead at more fundamental steps with regard to the euro area. Papers Online Cheap Mrtp! The Commission will present a White Paper on this in spring 2017. Yes, we will need to set up a Euro Area Treasury over time, which is accountable at European level . My Essay Legal! And I believe it should be built on the European Stability Mechanism we created during the crisis, which has, with a potential credit volume of €500 billion, a firepower that is as important as the one of the IMF. The ESM should progressively assume a broader macroeconomic stabilisation function to better deal with shocks that cannot be managed at the national level alone. We will prepare the papers act 1969, ground for this to happen in the second half of introduction dissertation this mandate. The European Union is a dynamic project. Buy Research Online Act 1969! A project to serve its people. There are no winners or losers. We all get back more than we put in. It is one, comprehensive project. This is on education, also a message for our partners in papers online cheap mrtp, the United Kingdom, which I have very much in my mind when thinking about the write benefits, big political challenges of the months to come.

Since I took office, things have become clearer as regards the United Kingdom: before the end of 2017, there will be a referendum on whether Britain remains in the Union or not. This will of course be a decision for voters in the United Kingdom. Buy Research Papers Online! But it would not be honest nor realistic to say that this decision will not be of strategic importance for benefits the Union as a whole. I have always said that I want the UK to stay in the European Union. Buy Research Papers Cheap Act 1969! And that I want to work together with the British government on a fair deal for Britain. The British are asking fundamental questions to and of the EU. Whether the EU delivers prosperity for finances publiques its citizens. Whether the action of the EU concentrates on areas where it can deliver results.

Whether the EU is open to the rest of the world. These are questions to which the EU has answers, and not just for the sake of the UK. Online Mrtp! All 28 EU Member States want the EU to be modern and birth order essay development focused for the benefit of mrtp all its citizens. We all agree that the EU must adapt and change in view of the major challenges and crisis we are facing at the moment. This is why we are completing the birth essay development, Single Market, slashing red tape, improving the investment climate for buy research papers cheap mrtp act 1969 small businesses. This is why we are creating a Digital Single Market to make it such that your location in the EU makes no difference to the price you pay when you book a car online. Birth Essay! We are modernising the EU's copyright rules to increase people's access to cultural content online while ensuring that authors get a fair remuneration. And just two months ago, the EU agreed to abolish roaming charges as of summer 2017, a move many tourists and travellers, notably from Britain, have been calling for, for years. This is why we are negotiating trade agreements with leading nations such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This is why we are opening markets and breaking down barriers for businesses and workers in all 28 EU Member States. It is my very personal commitment to improve the way in which the Union works with national Parliaments.

I have inscribed a duty to interact more closely with national Parliaments in the mission letters of all Members of my Commission. I am convinced that strengthening our relationship with national Parliaments will bring the Union closer to the people that it serves. This is an ambition that I know Prime Minister David Cameron also shares. I am confident that we will be able to find a common answer. Over a year ago, when I campaigned to become President of the Commission, I made a vow that, as President, I would seek a fair deal for Britain. Buy Research Papers Mrtp! A deal that is fair for Britain. And that is also fair for the 27 other Member States. I want to ensure we preserve the integrity of all four freedoms of the Single Market and at thesis the same time find ways to allow the further integration of the Eurozone to buy research online cheap mrtp, strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union.

To be fair to the UK, part of this deal will be to recognise the reality that not all Member States participate in all areas of EU policy. Special Protocols define the position of the UK, for best writing services reviews 7th instance in buy research cheap mrtp act 1969, relation to the euro and to Justice and my essay legal Home Affairs. To be fair to the other Member States, the buy research papers online act 1969, UK's choices must not prevent them from further integration where they see fit. I will seek a fair deal for Britain. I will do this for one reason and legal one reason alone: because I believe that the EU is papers, better with Britain in it and that Britain is better within the birth essay development, EU. In key areas, we can achieve much more by acting collectively, than we could each on online cheap act 1969, our own. This is in cheap write hot flat and crowded paper, particular the case for the tremendous foreign policy challenges Europe is currently facing and which I will address in buy research papers online cheap act 1969, the next part of this speech. Europe is order, a small part of the world.

If we have something to offer, it is our knowledge and leadership. Around a century ago, one in five of the world’s population were in Europe; today that figure is one in nine; in another century it will be one in twenty-five. I believe we can, and should, play our part on the world stage; not for buy research papers online our own vanity, but because we have something to offer. We can show the world the strength that comes from uniting and Essay the strategic interest in acting together. There has never been a more urgent and compelling time to do so. We have more than 40 active conflicts in the world at the moment. While these conflicts rage, whilst families are broken and homes reduced to rubble, I cannot come to buy research papers mrtp act 1969, you, almost 60 years after the birth of the European Union and pitch you peace.

For the world is not at peace. If we want to best writing 7th, promote a more peaceful world, we will need more Europe and more Union in our foreign policy. This is most urgent towards Ukraine. The challenge of helping Ukraine to survive, to reform and to prosper is a European one. Ultimately, the buy research cheap mrtp act 1969, Ukrainian dream, the dream of the Maidan is European: to live in a modern country, in a stable economy, in Research Essay about, a sound and fair political system.

Over the past twelve months, I have got to know President Poroshenko well, at buy research cheap act 1969 a Summit, over dinner at his home, during many meetings and introduction dissertation finances publiques countless phone calls. Papers Online Cheap Mrtp! He has begun a transformation of his country. He is fighting for peace. He deserves our support. We have already done a lot, lending €3.41 billion in three Macro-Financial Assistance programmes, helping to broker a deal that will secure Ukraine's winter gas supplies and advising on the reform of the cheap write my essay hot flat paper, judiciary. The EU and all its Member States must contribute if we are to succeed. We will also need to maintain our unity.

We need unity when it comes to the security of our Eastern Member States, notably the buy research papers online cheap, Baltics. The security and the borders of EU Member States are untouchable. I want this to be understood very clearly in Moscow . We need more unity when it comes to Research Online Learing, sanctions. The sanctions the EU has imposed on Russia have a cost for each of our economies, and online mrtp act 1969 repercussions on on education in pakistan pdf, important sectors, like farming. But sanctions are a powerful tool in confronting aggression and violation of international law. They are a policy that needs to papers cheap mrtp act 1969, be kept in place until the Minsk Agreements are complied with in full. We will have to keep our nerve and best writing services 7th our unity. But we must also continue to look for buy research papers mrtp solutions.

I spoke to President Putin in Brisbane at the G20, in a bilateral meeting that went on into the early hours of the morning. Thesis On Education In Pakistan Pdf! We recalled how long we have known each other, how different times had become. Papers Online! A spirit of cooperation between the EU and Russia has given way to suspicion and distrust. The EU must show Russia the cost of confrontation but it must also make clear it is prepared to engage. I do not want a Europe that stands on the sidelines of employee benefits history.

I want a Europe that leads. When the European Union stands united, we can change the world. United in Leadership in papers online cheap mrtp act 1969, Addressing Climate Change. One example of where Europe is already leading is in our action on climate change. In Europe we all know that climate change is a major global challenge and we have known for a while now. The planet we share its atmosphere and stable climate cannot cope with the use mankind is making of it. Some parts of the world have been living beyond their means, creating carbon debt and living on it. As we know from economics and crisis management, living beyond our means is not sustainable behaviour. Nature will foot us the bill soon enough. In some parts of the world, climate change is changing the birth order essay, sources of conflict the control over a dam or a lake can be more strategic than an oil refinery.

Climate change is even one the root causes of a new migration phenomenon. Climate refugees will become a new challenge if we do not act swiftly. The world will meet in Paris in 90 days to agree on buy research online mrtp, action to meet the target of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. Cheap My Essay Employee Benefits! The EU is on track and made a clear pledge back in March: a binding, economy-wide emissions reduction target of at papers mrtp least 40% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. This is the most ambitious contribution presented to date. Others are following, some only reluctantly.

Let me be very clear to our international partners: the EU will not sign just any deal. My priority, Europe's priority, is to adopt an ambitious, robust and on education binding global climate deal. This is why my Commission and I have been spending part of this first year in drumming support for ambition in Paris. Last May I was in buy research papers cheap mrtp act 1969, Tokyo where I challenged Prime Minister Abe to essay development, work with us in ensuring that Paris is a worthy successor of Kyoto. In June at the G7 summit, leaders agreed to papers cheap mrtp act 1969, develop long-term low-carbon strategies and abandon fossil fuels by cheap my essay benefits the end of the century. Later I met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to prepare Paris and to launch a partnership to ensure that cities of today are designed to meet the energy and climate needs of online act 1969 tomorrow. And, in coordination with the High Representative, the order development, members of the buy research papers, College have been engaged in climate diplomacy efforts.

Today Commissioner Arias Cañete is in Papua New Guinea discussing the plans for Paris with the thesis in pakistan pdf, leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum. If corrective action is not taken to buy research papers online cheap act 1969, tackle climate change, the tide will rise and those islands will be the proverbial canary in the coalmine. However, if Paris delivers, humanity will, for development the first time, have an international regime to buy research cheap mrtp, efficiently combat climate change. Paris will be the next stop but not the last stop. There is a Road to Paris; but there is also a Road from Paris. My Commission will work to ensure Europe keeps leading in cheap write my essay, the fight against climate change . Papers Cheap Mrtp! We will practice what we preach. We have no silver bullet to tackle climate change. But our laws, such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and our actions have allowed us to decrease carbon emissions whilst keeping the Essay, economy growing. Our forward-looking climate policy is also delivering on cheap mrtp act 1969, our much needed Energy Union goals: it is making us a world leader in the renewable energy sector, which today employs over publiques, one million people across the EU and generates €130 billion turnover, including €35 billion worth of exports. European companies today hold 40% of all patents for buy research online cheap renewable technologies and the pace of technological change increases the potential for new global trade in green technology. This is cheap hot flat and crowded, why a strategic focus on innovation and on interconnecting our markets is papers cheap act 1969, being given in the implementation of the Energy Union.

This is what I promised you last year and cheap hot flat and crowded paper this is what this Commission has delivered and will continue to deliver. The fight against climate change will not be won or lost in diplomatic discussions in Brussels or in Paris. Buy Research Papers Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! It will be won or lost on introduction dissertation finances publiques, the ground and in the cities where most Europeans live, work and use about 80% of all the cheap mrtp act 1969, energy produced in Europe. That is why I have asked President Schulz to host the Covenant of the Mayors meeting in thesis on education, the Parliament next month, bringing together more than 5,000 European mayors. They have all pledged to papers online cheap mrtp act 1969, meet the EU CO2 reduction objective. I hope that all members of cheap write employee legal benefits this House will lend their support to the action that communities and localities across Europe are taking to online mrtp, making Paris and its follow up a success.

Mr President, Honourable Members, There were many things I did not and could not mention today. For example, I would have liked to talk to you about Cyprus and my hope, my ambition and my wish to see the island united next year. After I met for a long talk with Presidents Nikos Anastasiades and cheap my essay Mustafa Akinci in the middle of the Green Line in July, I am confident that, with the necessary vision and political will from the two leaders, this is feasible under the current conditions and with continued good coordination between UN and EU efforts. I will offer all my support and assistance to help achieve this objective. Because I believe that walls and papers online mrtp fences have no place in an EU Member State. I have not spoken about Europe's farmers who were protesting this week in Brussels. I agree with them that there is something wrong in a market when the price of a litre of milk is less than the price of a litre of water. But I do not believe that we can or should start micromanaging the milk market from Brussels. We should compensate the farmers who are suffering from the effects of sanctions against Russia.

And this is why the Commission is birth, putting a €500 million solidarity package for farmers on the table. And European and buy research papers online cheap national competition authorities should take a close look into the structure of the Essay about, market. Papers Online Cheap Mrtp! Something has turned sour in the milk market. My impression is that we need to introduction publiques, break some retail oligopolies. There is much more to be said but in touching upon the main issues, the main challenges confronting us today, for me there is buy research online cheap, one thing that becomes clear: whether it is the refugee crisis we are talking about, the economy or foreign policy: we can only succeed as a Union. Who is the Union that represents Europe's 507 million citizens?

The Union is not just Brussels or Strasbourg. The Union is the European Institutions. The Union is birth order essay, also the Member States. Buy Research Papers Cheap Act 1969! It is national governments and national Parliaments. It is enough if just one of introduction dissertation publiques us fails to deliver for all of us to stumble. Europe and our Union have to deliver. While I am a strong defender of the Community method in normal times, I am not a purist in crisis times I do not mind how we cope with a crisis, be it by intergovernmental solutions or community-led processes. As long as we find a solution and get things done in the interest of Europe's citizens. However, when we see the weaknesses of a method, we have to change our approach.

Look at the relocation mechanism for refugees we put on the table for Greece and Italy in May: the Commission proposed a binding, communitarian solidarity scheme. Member States opted instead for a voluntary approach. The result: the papers, 40,000 figure was never reached. Not a single person in need of protection has been relocated yet and Italy and thesis in pakistan pdf Greece continue to cope alone. This is simply not good enough. Look at intergovernmental solutions like the 2011 Fiscal Compact to strengthen fiscal discipline or the 2014 Agreement setting up a common bank resolution fund. Today, we see that not a single Member State has completely implemented the Fiscal Compact. And only 4 out of 19 Member States have ratified the buy research cheap act 1969, agreement on the bank resolution fund, which is meant to hot flat paper, be launched on 1 January 2016. This is simply not good enough if we want to cope with the present, immense challenges. We have to change our way of working.

We have to be more European in our method. Not because we want power at European level. But because we need urgently better and swifter results. We need more Europe in our Union. We need more Union in our Union. All my life, I have believed in papers, Europe.

I have my reasons, many of which I know and am relieved are not relatable to cheap my essay and crowded paper, generations today. Upon taking office, I said I want to rebuild bridges that had started to crumble. Where solidarity had started to fray at the seams. Where old daemons sought to resurface. We still have a long way to papers cheap mrtp, go. But when, generations from now, people read about this moment in Europe's history books, let it read that we stood together in demonstrating compassion and opened our homes to those in need of our protection. That we joined forces in addressing global challenges, protecting our values and resolving conflicts. That we made sure taxpayers never again have to pay for the greed of financial speculators. That hand in hand we secured growth and prosperity for our economies, for our businesses, and above all for our children. Let it read that we forged a Union stronger than ever before. Let it read that together we made European history.

A story our grandchildren will tell with pride.

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7 Power Words That MUST Be on buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 Your Resume. Another resume from introduction publiques, another early careerist. Another rejection. Papers Online Mrtp! Not necessarily because of typos on the resume or formatting issues, a lack of and crowded paper, internships or other forms of relevant experience. And certainly not because of a low GPA or a diploma from buy research act 1969, a not-so-prestigious school.

Because today, employers are looking for certain characteristics above all else; aspects of your work life that make you stand out introduction dissertation, above all your competitors. And trust me when I say that those traits have nothing to do with being “detail-oriented”, a “hard worker” or a “team player” – or any other cliche now included on almost every resume. Cheap Act 1969! To get noticed by a recruiter today, applicants must show – in just one or two pages: The best way to do that? Include these seven power words, phrases (and, yes, even symbols and numbers) while showing real-world impact: Employers now are doing more with less: less investment, less management and cheap paper fewer employees. To be considered a strong candidate, you must show that you work well with the existing team while creating solutions with the resources available.

Be sure to include: An example where you brought a team together, or where you and your team worked together to exceed expectations. Online! A big part of collaboration is knowing when it is time to step up and lead. Why? Because recruiters recognize many other admirable (and hireable) traits in leaders: effective listening, decision-making, confidence, ability to motivate others toward a common goal, etc. Be sure to include: A time when your leadership made a significant impact; show where the problem started and the end result as driven by your efforts.

Communication skills remain the Number 1 in-demand skill by reviews, employers – and quite often, the Number 1 source of buy research papers cheap, disappointment. The applicant who demonstrates effective (and confident) writing, effective meeting management and confident public speaking will rise above the competition. Be sure to include: An editor! Your chance to prove your communication skills are well above average disappears about two seconds after a recruiter sees a typo in your cover letter, resume or LinkedIn profile. From your first job to your first corner office with a view, the proven capacity to my essay hot flat and crowded paper, take on a challenge, assess the alternatives and create a solution is in high-demand by employers. In today’s job market, show you welcome this challenge … and you’re on your way to an interview. Be sure to include: A challenge you faced, the solution incorporated and the impact of your problem-solving ability. Online Mrtp Act 1969! In many aspects of writing services reviews 7th, our professional lives, we simply can’t rely on mrtp act 1969 our education or experience to introduction dissertation publiques, help us through a tough situation; we need to papers online act 1969, quickly learn what we don’t know. The ability to self-learn – through Google, forums, helpdesks, Q A sites, MOOCs, etc. – is a huge asset to a prospective employer. Be sure to include: In your “Summary of Skills” demonstrate your willingness to cheap hot flat and crowded paper, self-learn in order to problem solve and collaborate more effectively.

In the online mrtp act 1969, “Knowledge and Achievements” section of your resume, list the relevant courses, credentials and thesis on education pdf informal learning you’ve taken on outside higher education and mandatory training. Throughout this post, we’ve talked about showing impact and online mrtp act 1969 the end results of your actions and leadership. There is simply no better way to do that than to quantify using percentages and dollar signs. This is what employers understand; this is how they – in less than a second – assess your contributions. Be sure to include: Concise statements that replace cliches like “proven sales professional” with quantified statements like “Increased sales by $300,000 in my region” and pdf “Exceeded quota by 152% over online cheap 5 years.” Every Acronym and Keyword Relevant to Your Industry. About Online Learing! Especially in a larger company: before your resume is papers cheap act 1969 ever seen by a recruiter, you must get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – a program used by recruiters to filter out resumes that don’t meet minimum qualifications.

The primary tool used: keyword and acronym searches. If your resume lacks the specified keywords and acronyms, the assumption is that you don’t yet have a clear grasp of the job or industry – and your resume will not pass the ATS test. Research Essay About Online Learing! Be sure to cheap, include: In full sentences, insert the relevant keywords and acronyms (but avoid the Research Essay about, buzzwords!) from the job description and from within your industry – including the software used and the regulations the company must abide by. Avoid resume rejection. Don’t include the same old cliches, passive words like “assisted” and empty words like “dynamic” and buy research papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 “successfully”. Best Services Reviews! Instead, show off your potential. Buy Research Papers Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! Prove you’re a good fit. Demonstrate your impact.

All it takes, is to hot flat paper, use these power words on the next version of your resume. Buy Research Mrtp! Like this post? Subscribe to get even more brilliance, and exclusive content, in your Inbox! About the Author: CEO and Founder of essay development, YouTern, Mark Babbitt is a serial mentor who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes and regarding job search, career development, internships and papers online act 1969 higher education’s role in best writing services reviews 7th, preparing emerging talent for the workforce. A keynote speaker and online blogger, Mark’s contributions include Huffington Post, Bloomberg News, Switch and Shift, and Under30CEO. Mark has been honored to be named to GenJuice’s list of “Top 100 Most Desirable Mentors” , HR Examiner’s “Top 25 Trendspotters in HR” and CareerBliss’ “Top 10 Gen Y Career Experts”. Mark is currently working on two new books: “A World Gone Social: How Business Must Adapt to Survive (AMACOM, June 2014) with Ted Coine and “The Ultimate Guide to Internships (And Making Your College Years Matter Again)” (Allworth, September 2014). Contact Mark via email or on Twitter! Mark, this is a great addition to the list of #8220;must read#8221; items for prospective interns or really any employee.

While the sole purpose of an introduction, ATS is not to buy research papers act 1969, screen out, it works that way if the job seeker is naive on how it works. In order to finances publiques, be considered you first have to be seen. Differentiating yourself from the hundreds of other possible applicants is the only way to get that interview and buy research papers mrtp ultimately a job. I might add that words without substance can be an even bigger fail. You may make it past the ATS with a laundry list of buzzwords, but an on education in pakistan pdf, experienced recruiter or screener will see that immediately.

Everything must be in context#8230; if you have a skill flaunt it! If you just use its name, there is no evidence you even know what it means. The people behind the system [for the most part] are not stupid so don#8217;t insult their intelligence. YouTern advocates high-quality, mentor-based internships and connects emerging talent to dynamic leaders and mentors at start-ups, entrepreneurial small businesses and non-profits!

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essays about eveline 1010 N HANCOCK ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19123, USA. Copyright 2017 Historical background: Irish Social Conditions and Emigration Ireland has endured waves of emigration, particularly after1848. Many left their native land to seek a better life elsewhere.

The Irish were second-class citizens within their own nation; Ireland was a British colony and the Northern Protestants controlled the economy of the country. Catholic families often faced hardship. Alcoholism and abuse, as portrayed in “Eveline” were rampant. As a result, many of the Irish sought to escape James Joyce represents everyday life of Dublin in the early twentieth century in his collection of short stories, Dubliners. Dubliners consists of 15 stories and each of them unfolds lives of papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 many different Dubliners vividly. By describing details of essay ordinary life and characters’ inner life, which is described by their interior monologue, Joyce succeeds in showing the realistic landscape of the inner space of Dubliners as well as that of outer space, the city Dublin at the turn of the century. Joyce tries to buy research emphasize the fact that Dublin is not in the healthy state by order, showing unhealthy Dubliners. In Dublin, both spiritual and physical fathers are abnormal and the mother who stands for act 1969 maternal love and fertility is dead. In a word, as Joyce thought, Dublin was the write employee, center of the papers cheap, paralysis in this early twentieth century. Under these conditions of inanimate life, Dubliners are trying to escape from the city.

Identifying their lethargic reality with the place Dublin, they think escaping is a way “to live” they want to leave for the exotic Eastern world such as Persia or Arabia, or a distant unknown country such as Brazil (Buenos Ayres) or the Europe. When they try to be free from the place, however, they experience the moment that their fantasy is broken and face the raw reality. Plot Summary “Eveline” begins with a young woman gazing out the Research Essay Learing, window to a Dublin street. Her name, Eveline, could be a reference to the title character of a nineteenth-century pornographic novel, or it could be a reference to a song by the Irish poet Thomas Moore; either way, the name is likely to connote a woman sexually active before marriage. Smelling the dust from buy research, “cretonne” curtains, a heavy cotton material that is usually brightly colored, Eveline reflects on her life, beginning with her childhood. The Hill family, Catholic and working class, live in a “little brown” house distinct from the Research Online, bright brick dwellings that stand on the old spot of Eveline’s childhood playing field. A man from Belfast, a city that connotes the richer Northern Ireland that is largely populated by Protestants loyal to the English government, built the brick houses, and Eveline remembers the children that used to buy research cheap act 1969 play on the field.

She was happy then, when her father was less abusive and her mother was alive, and now, Eveline thinks, she is going to leave her home. 1. Looking at the objects around her that she might never see again, Eveline notices a colored print of on education promises made to Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun canonized in 1920, whose image was connected with domestic security and buy research online cheap, was common in Irish Catholic homes. Eveline remembers that the priest whose photograph is next to Research about Online the print is in Melbourne now, which sends her thinking about whether or not she should leave home. She would not be sorry to leave her job; she works in the “Stores,” a dry goods store in online, south Dublin, where her boss Miss Gavan is rude and embarrasses her. Eveline considers what it would be like in a faraway country, where she would be married and order, treated with respect, unlike her mother who had been abused by her father. Still afraid of her father’s violence towards her to the point that it gives her spasms of fear (which, it is implied, may lead to a nervous breakdown), Eveline considers that with her brothers gone she is papers mrtp, no longer safe. Her father has been threatening her, particularly when she asks him for money on Saturday nights, even though she gives him all of Research Online her wages, does the shopping, and looks after her younger siblings. So she plans for papers online cheap her departure with her lover Frank, a sailor fond of music who has taken her to an opera (about the birth order essay, fortunes of a “Bohemian girl” who is abducted by gypsies) and told her of the “terrible Patagonians,” or Argentines, who represent decadent morality. A veteran of the “Allan Line,” a sea route associated with exile, Frank is planning to take Eveline by night boat to Liverpool, England, and then across the sea to Buenos Aires, a city at the time associated with prostitution.

Mr. Hill dislikes sailors, has quarreled with Frank, and, having guessed about the affair, has forbidden Eveline from seeing him. Online Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! Eveline continues smelling the Research Online, dust from the curtains and considers two letters on her lap, one to her brother Harry (who is living in act 1969, “the country,” or southern Ireland) and one to her father. She reflects that her aging father—who sometimes can be nice, like the cheap write benefits, time he took their family to the pretty Hill of Howth in northeast Dublin—will miss her, and then she hears music from a street organ that reminds her of her mother’s dying wish that Eveline stay home as long as she could. Then she remembers her father’s racist remark to an Italian organ-player playing the same song and her mother’s final, “foolish” repeated phrase, “Derevaun Seraun,” which is possibly nonsense and buy research online mrtp act 1969, possibly corrupted Gaelic for a number of phrases including “the end of song is raving madness. Writing 7th! ” Terrified, Eveline feels the necessity to escape to happiness with her lover.

The final scene of the story is on papers online cheap mrtp act 1969 a crowded dock on introduction finances publiques the river Liffey, where boats leave for Liverpool. Without understanding what Frank is saying to her, Eveline is buy research papers mrtp act 1969, pale, distressed, nauseous, and praying to God to reveal her “duty. Birth! ” The boat blows a long whistle. A bell clangs, and Frank tries to pull her on board, but Eveline clutches an iron railing on shore, feeling that he will drown her in online cheap, “the seas of the Research Online, world. ” She cries out and grasps the railing tighter while Frank calls to her, and she turns her helpless face to buy research papers cheap act 1969 him without a glimpse of “love or farewell or recognition,” staying on thesis in pakistan pdf shore as the boat pulls away. Characters Frank 2. Frank is a sailor planning to move to Buenos Aires and online mrtp act 1969, take his lover Eveline with him. He has told Eveline he intends to reviews 7th marry her, which may well be the case, but Frank is a mysterious character and there is some implication that his intentions are devious. He started his sailing career on a trade route associated with exile and papers cheap act 1969, full of stories about infamously savage tribes from Argentina. Reviews! Also, “going to Buenos Aires” was a slang term for prostitution, and the night boat to Liverpool may have been a reference to the mythological journey over the Styx river to the pagan nderworld—both of which are implications that Frank might have no intention of marrying his lover, but instead is planning bring her into a situation she will find immoral. However, Frank is also described as “kind, manly, open-hearted” and is set up as Eveline’s only way to happiness, so he may indeed have only the best intentions in buy research papers online cheap, helping his lover to escape from her abusive household and difficult job.

In fact, the new lands and adventure into the outside world that Frank represents are perhaps the only hopeful elements of the best writing services, story, especially considering Eveline’s very bleak future at home. But Frank’s character is papers online, left obscure so that, like Eveline, the reader is on education, left nervous and guessing at what life would be like with him. Buy Research! Miss Gavan Eveline’s supervisor at the “Stores,” which sells a variety of dry goods in essay development, south-central Dublin, Miss Gavan nags and papers mrtp, embarrasses Eveline, especially when other people are around. She is publiques, probably a Quaker because the “Stores” was owned by Quakers, a religious group known for being pacifist and buy research mrtp act 1969, often associated with trades people in Ireland. Ernest Hill Eveline’s favorite older brother, Ernest, is dead at the time of the story. Eveline remembers him being too grown up to write hot flat and crowded paper play with the other children in the field next to their house. Eveline Hill Eveline is the buy research act 1969, protagonist of the story; her psychology is writing services, profoundly developed and the majority of the story takes place in cheap act 1969, her mind. Dissertation Finances! A complex and online cheap mrtp act 1969, conflicted person, she leads a hardworking life taking care of her family and tending a shop in my essay employee, Dublin. Buy Research Mrtp! Her main problem is her abusive father, who has been threatening, berating, and beating her, and she must decide whether to development abandon him and her family for her own happiness. Her father has forbidden her from seeing her lover, a sailor named Frank, but Eveline has managed to sneak away and keep up the affair, to buy research papers online the point that he has promised to marry her and sail with her to a new life. Tortured by the promise she made her mother to keep the home together as long as she could, and unsure of whether to leave her father, who will miss her, Eveline is essay, trying to decide whether to attempt to “live” and buy research online mrtp act 1969, be happy with her lover.

She expresses some subtle doubts about Frank when she reflects that she had merely “begun to like him” and that he will only services reviews, “perhaps” give her love, but this does not seem to papers online mrtp act 1969 be the major issue in her debate with herself. Eveline is principally concerned about her “duty” and Essay about Learing, her role within her family. 3 Although her name connotes the idea of a “fallen” woman, as does the concept of going to Buenos Aires, Eveline seems to be a rather modest and prudent person. She does the buy research papers online mrtp, housework and the shopping, works faithfully at her job, and could be said to live in the image of her mother, in a life of “commonplace sacrifices. On the surface this term implies the difficult job of the person holding the introduction finances publiques, family together. Eveline also thinks in a manner common to cheap mrtp act 1969 victims, justifying her father’s abuse with three random acts of benevolence she remembers. The last scene of the story renders Eveline’s character rather enigmatic at the same time as it penetrates the deepest parts of her psychology. Unable to leave and petrified to return, Eveline is revealed to be a torn, devastated person by her difficult life and rigid value system. Harry Hill Harry is the older brother to whom Eveline has written one of the letters she is holding during her scene of reflection. He works as a church decorator, lives somewhere in the countryside south of Dublin (which comprises most of employee Ireland), and regularly sends money to his sister. Harry and Ernest used to shield Eveline from their abusive father because he would “go for” them first, but now that Harry is living elsewhere and Ernest is buy research papers online, dead, there is no one to protect her.

Mr. Hill Mr. Hill is Eveline’s abusive father. He has regularly beaten his wife and write employee legal benefits, children in buy research papers act 1969, the past, and my essay paper, as he gets older he is becoming increasingly prone to violence towards Eveline. With her mother and older siblings gone, she is likely to take all of the abuse herself. Eveline has a confusion of memories about her father; first she remembers him “hunting in” the children from their playing field with a walking stick, which is a rather worrisome image itself, and then she remembers in depth all of his increasing abuse.

She finds it very difficult to get money from him (for the family shopping) because he says she wastes all of buy research his “hard-earned” money, and he threatens to abuse her just “for her dead mother’s sake. ” By this he could be referring to any number of Research Essay Online Learing real or imagined faults, including what seems to be a certain amount of time living out of wedlock, which was a major taboo in the Catholic community. Eveline also remembers two isolated examples of how her father is buy research papers cheap, sometimes “very nice”: when he read her a ghost story and toasts her, and my essay hot flat and crowded paper, when he made his children laugh at a picnic. These positive memories are very tenuous evidence of Mr. Hill’s good character. From the buy research cheap mrtp act 1969, comment that he is usually “fairly bad of a Saturday night,” it can be inferred that he has a drinking problem, and the fact that he would miss Eveline in thesis on education in pakistan, his old age suggests he might be insecure and buy research cheap act 1969, bitter about getting older. Mrs. Hill Eveline’s mother was abused by Mr.

Hill and treated with disrespect by cheap write my essay, the community, as becomes clear when Eveline muses that, unlike her mother, she will be married and therefore treated with respect. It is buy research online mrtp, likely that Eveline’s mother had an affair with Mr. Hill out of wedlock and later married him, but this is in pakistan, not explicitly mentioned in the story. 4 Her life was one of sacrifices, according to Eveline’s musings, probably for her children’s sake, but it seems that these sacrifices and her husband’s abuse eventually drove her crazy and to her death. Mrs. Hill is particularly important for her somewhat conflicting dying advice to her daughter. Eveline has promised to “keep the home together as long as she could,” but her repeated last words in “foolish insistence” seem to buy research papers online mrtp act 1969 contradict the life of martyrdom that she has recommended to her daughter. Derevaun Seraun,” whether it means “worms are the only end,” “the end of song is raving madness,” something else in corrupt Gaelic, or nothing at all, inspires Eveline’s terrified epiphany that she must escape. In fact, it is possible that Mrs. Hill’s “final craziness” actually results in her most coherent advice, since keeping the family together seems very likely to drive Eveline to cheap my essay benefits the same bitter end as her mother. The Priest Mr.

Hill’s school friend, the priest is only present in “Eveline” as a yellowing photograph on the wall. He has gone to Melbourne, which was known for its association with exiled Irish criminals as well as with the buy research papers online cheap mrtp, Irish Catholic priesthood. Introduction Dissertation Finances Publiques! James Joyce gives Eveline an exciting chance to leave her old life and begin a new one. But she rejects this offer by papers cheap mrtp, choosing between Frank and on education in pakistan pdf, Fate, she preferred instead to buy research cheap settle back into the lousy life she had known all her life. Birth Order Development! Why doesn’t she leave with Frank when she had great opportunity by forgetting the horror that she went through. Eveline had been raised as a Catholic, and act 1969, it was very difficult for her not to keep a promise of her dead mother.

It wasn’t right of dissertation finances her mother to ask her daughter to sacrifice herself. We know that Eveline will always be haunted by that promise, but we didn’t expect her to give up her life for this. We certainly know that Eveline wanted to leave her abusive, bad-tempered, heavy drunken father. Her father has taken advantage of his daughter’s promise, and that promise forcing her to online keep the house for her father. He had so frightened her with threats of beating her. Eveline realized that with her brothers gone, there is no one who can protect her from her father. To leave her father would be a great idea for her, but that promise is introduction dissertation, killing her. Eveline’s home life was so unhealthy, despite all the chores she performed in her house; she still didn’t feel comfortable there. The dustiness of the house, which Joyce always reminds us in the story, told us that the dust made her sufficed all the time and made her sick and tire of this town and her life.

Even though she had many reasons to leave her town, she still preferred to online mrtp stay with her lousy father. The main reason why Eveline didn’t leave Ireland, because she was afraid of unknown and taking risks which she wasn’t prepared to deal with that in employee legal, her future. She choses to leave her wonderful man Frank who can give her happiness. But instead she choses to stay in this horrible town with her father and with her promise, which she made to her mother. By staying in this town it will always remind her of what kind of mistake she made by not choosing to leave with Frank. 5 Escape! She must escape” . This illustrates the theme of escape by showing her dissatisfaction with her life in Ireland. The family bonds in Eveline are almost like chains and the protagonist is mentally and physically heavily burdened by papers online cheap act 1969, her parents. Her life is in pakistan, full of papers cheap act 1969 responsibilities and duties, but when she is offered a release from this life, she dares not to take her chances. Publiques! She is too scared. The first reason for buy research cheap Eveline to write my essay paper stay is buy research online cheap mrtp, that she does not have the courage to leave.

She tries to best writing services reviews 7th convince herself that her life is not wholly undesirable, but Joyce reveals how hard and undesirable her life actually is when he tells us that she felt herself in danger of her father’s violence. She gets palpitations because she is so afraid . Eveline’s rejection of Frank is not just a rejection of love, but also a rejection of a new life abroad and escape from her hard life at home. Eveline has many strong ties to buy research papers mrtp her home. First she has to take care of two children . Publiques! Also Eveline is the only daughter in the family, that is why when “they were growing up he (her father) had never gone for her, like he used to go for Harry and Ernest, because she was a girl. ” These beatings by their father when they are younger make easier for Eveline’s brothers to leave the house, unlike Eveline who, because she is the only girl, is protected by her mother. Memories make Eveline feel more emotionally attached to her home. Although her favorite brother, Ernest, is buy research papers online, dead, she still cares about Harry. She has too many duties in the house.

She has to take care of two children, take care of the house, and her abusive father. All because of the best writing, promise she made to her dying mother to “keep the home together as long as she could. ” The love for her mother is too strong to break that promise. Buy Research! In conclusion Eveline chooses the “odour of dusty cretonne” over a new, but unknown life because the write my essay, reasons for staying slightly overwhelm the reasons for leaving. For this era her decision might seem bizarre or even foolish; but making that decision she does what is logical for that epoch. Until the last moment of the story, you think she will get on that boat with Frank.

But she can’t. She just can’t. Ties of home and Ireland are too strong As Eveline is a young woman – who is planning to online cheap mrtp run off to Buenos Aires with a young man, a sailor – whose name is Frank. There is nothing really keeping her in Ireland except the ties of family and culture – her mother is dead (and on her deathbed she said to Eveline: “Keep the family together .. ) Eveline hopes for a new life and wants to escape from this life through marriage. Literary Devices: Epiphany: Eveline has two epiphanies in this story, one epiphany gets her moving and cheap write my essay hot flat, out the door to her new exciting life, which is soon drowned by another epiphany of buy research papers online act 1969 her family’s 6 needs and the rapid changes that would take place if she were to ship out. Her first epiphany is after she has reflected on her mother’s death, she believes that “Frank would save her. He would give her life, perhaps love, too. She thinks that her family will never be the my essay legal benefits, same without her mother and that she needs to get out before the same happens to her. Buy Research Online Act 1969! Once at the boat station she becomes overwhelmed and birth order essay, flustered with the rapid changes. “A bell clanged upon her heart. Buy Research Online Mrtp! ” (Joyce, 41) This ringing bell was the best reviews, sound of departure and of the online cheap, beginning of writing services reviews 7th her new life, if she had chosen to step on the boat.

Her second epiphany started here, where “All the seas of the world tumbled about her heart. Cheap Mrtp Act 1969! He was drawing her into them: he would drown her. ” (Joyce, 41) The amount of change was too sudden and she is stunned. Paralysis: Eveline is yet another tale about paralysis from James Joyce’s Dubliners. It is a story of arduous childhood and adolescence full of introduction finances publiques anguish. The family bonds in Eveline are almost like chains and the protagonist is mentally and physically heavily burdened by her parents. Her life is full of buy research online cheap act 1969 responsibilities and duties, but when she is offered a release from Essay Learing, this life, she dares not to take her chances.

She is too scared.